Case Study – Sentinel Healthcare Ltd.

Keeping a nursing home running to its maximum levels of efficiency can be a difficult process, and it becomes ever more problematic if you’re managing a group of such establishments. The demands on all aspects of the business can be huge, and the pressure is keenly felt in the laundry rooms.

Keeping each home supplied with clean, fresh linen, bedding, tableware and towels is vital, especially during busy periods, so using appliances which can stand up to the rigours is a must. For Sentinel Healthcare, which has five homes in and around the New Forest in Hampshire, there is only one brand that fits the bill.

“Miele products keep our homes working”, says Lynne Hargett of Sentinel. “They’re more reliable, they can handle the workloads and they enable our business to operate without costly interruptions”, she told us. The homes have a number of high performance professional laundry machines and they have insisted on buying Miele for many years.

Sentinel Healthcare has amassed an impressive range of Miele appliances to help them. They rely on a range of Miele models, including PT7136 and PT8253 tumble dryers, PW6065 and PW6107 washing machines, freshwater dishwashers and the HM1680 rotary iron. Each of these appliances performs a vital function in the laundry process, enabling the company to offer a world-class service to all of its residents

The company understands the importance of having professional laundry machines which can be relied on to perform to the highest standards time after time. In every nursing home, the need for a constant supply of fresh, clean items is something that simply cannot be compromised with, so Miele’s well-deserved reputation for excellence is a major factor when deciding which manufacturer to choose.

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when renting or purchasing laundry room and kitchen appliances, but reliability is perhaps at the top of the list for Sentinel. “With Miele, there are far fewer breakdowns”, says Lynne. Even when the workload is heavy, the German manufacturer’s highly rated products can handle everything.

Allsop & Francis have been supplying Sentinel with appliances for 25 years, and we are understandably proud of the relationship that we have built up in that time. We offer a comprehensive range of machines to the commercial sector, including the very latest from high end manufacturers such as Miele and Electrolux.