Miele - advanced technology for an environmentally friendly wash

Many business owners will be only too aware of their responsibility towards the environment, but of course they have to balance that responsibility with the need to be commercially successful. It’s often the case that trying to be green and profitable at the same time is a little like trying to keep various plates spinning in the air. Look away for just a moment and the chances are they will all come tumbling down.

Every Miele commercial washing machine utilises the very latest technology in a bid to produce perfect results every time, and this is all done without compromising on the need to be environmentally friendly. While the German manufacturer has long been associated with the finest build quality, it’s also well-known for impressive energy efficiency.

One of the main reasons for the excellent performance of a Miele commercial washing machine is the patented honeycomb drum, a feature that produces superb results while at the same time reducing wear and tear to even the most delicate of fabrics. This is obviously a major benefit to those who work with a wide variety of garments in any given day.

Improving performance, saving money, staying green

While many appliances these days are able to boast a number of greener features, few can claim to have as many as a Miele commercial washing machine. Automatic load control is one of the most impressive, because it enables more efficient usage of energy and water, and can of course be a valuable asset for busy washrooms which have to deal with differing load sizes.

In addition the auto-dosing detergent system automatically doses liquid detergents into your wash, always dosing the right amount at the right time for every wash.

It should be noted that such load controls can also save the user money throughout the year. By automatically adjusting the consumption of hot and cold water and detergents the Miele commercial washing machine can offer more affordable running costs, a major issue of course in an industry sector that is more competitive now than it has ever been in the past.

There are so many reasons to choose Miele for your business, including:

  • Perfect results
  • Greener performance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Wide choice of appliances
  • Money-saving operation

As you might expect from a manufacturer which has consistently won international praise for its products, Miele has been awarded a number of acclaimed accreditations over the years, including DIN EN ISO 14001 certification and EC Regulation No. 761/2001. If your business relies on using the best, a Miele commercial washing machine is surely a must-have.