Free Miele Little Giant Competition

Miele Little GiantIf you own a Miele T5211 like the one pictured here or any other Miele Little Giant washing machine or tumble dryer that could have been built in the 1970’s, then you could soon be the owner of a brand new Miele Professional equivalent. A shiny new PW6055 or PT7136 could be yours!

Check your laundry for the following model numbers, if you find one, simply take a picture and email it with the serial number, approximate purchase date and your contact details to

Miele WS5105, Miele WS5105, Miele T5211 or any other early Little Giant.

This is a promotion by Miele Professional themselves that is running until 31st December 2012 with the winner (the person who owns the oldest Miele Little Giant) being announced in January.

Someone will win this prize and we would love for it to be one of our customers, so send in your pictures and we will fill in the entry form and enter on your behalf.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The promotional offer of a replacement washing machine or tumble dryer applies only to Miele Little Giant models purchased in the United Kingdom.
  2. Replacement machine replacement equivalent or similar to the original model.
  3. All submissions must be received by 21st December 2012. Claims cannot be accepted after this date.
  4. Only one claim is permitted per qualifying product.
  5. Please allow 28 Days for delivery from date of announcement.
  6. Miele staff and partners are excluded from this offer.