How a Miele commercial ironing system can benefit your B&B

Running a bed and breakfast establishment can be a pleasant and rewarding experience, but of course it can also involve a great deal of hard work, not to mention tons of stress and tension along the way. There are many ways to make the process more streamlined and therefore more profitable, and obtaining a commercial Miele ironing system is definitely one of them.

Introduce efficiency and get ready to reap the benefits

The more successful the B&B becomes, the more pressurised things will be for the owners and employees. For this reason more than any other, it makes sense to consider renting or buying a Miele professional ironing system. Among the many plus points, you will find:

  • Saving money by avoiding outsourcing costs
  • Increasing throughput speeds in the laundry room
  • Offering perfect bedding and table linen to guests time after time
  • Various appliance sizes to suit B&Bs of all types
  • Always having the ability to cope with busy periods
  • Allowing the owner to remain in control of the whole laundry process

Take a tip from the larger establishments

The larger hotels in our towns and cities have their own commercial Miele ironing systems, so why shouldn’t smaller B&Bs follow the same path? The fact that smaller appliances are available on the current market means even the tiniest establishment can reap the benefits of keeping the ironing process in-house. Several Miele commercial rotary irons are suitable for more restricted areas because they can be folded away when not in use.

Something to suit all B&B operations

Whether you’re the owner of a small guesthouse on the coast or an inner city establishment with several dozen bedrooms, you will want to have a laundry process that’s as smooth and as efficient as possible. Any hint of inefficiency here will almost certainly be costing you money, so having access to a Miele commercial ironing system is a must.

Smaller operations should consider the HM 16-80 Rotary Iron, which features five speeds and infinite temperature control. It can handle larger items thanks to its generous 80cm roller width, and its folding design won’t take up too much space.

Larger Miele ironing systems for busier laundry rooms
The Miele PM 1217 is more suitable for the larger B&Bs, thanks to its substantial capacity. It offers a 165cm roller which can handle bed sheets with ease, for example, and even king-size duvet covers can be processed with just a single fold. It can also be placed against a wall to minimise the space that’s available.