The benefits of renting a Miele industrial washing machine

Allsop & Francis supply and install a range of commercial equipment including Miele industrial washing machines. Many customers choose to lease or rent their equipment rather than buying it outright and as this article explains there are many reasons for this.

Why renting is beneficial

  • Cash flow
    Money isn’t always available for disposal and many businesses are under strain to meet strict budgets and be cost effective. The rental service means that businesses can allocate set payments and be in control of spending – spreading the cost over time.
  • Easy upgrades
    Renting a machine means that you aren’t committed to a certain machine, upgrading to a newer model is easy.
  • Inclusive maintenance visits
    Often commercial machines are under high pressure to turn out excellent results quickly, we include a planned preventative maintenance visit in our rental packages. The maintenance visits help to prevent any signs of breakdown and helps to keep your machine going for longer, reducing downtime.
  • Priority response call outs
    If your machine has any issues or breaks down we know that it’s crucial to get it back up and running in your busy environment. We prioritise rental customers in our call outs, meaning we can have your machine working again quickly.
  • Prime access to the best machines
    Allsop & Francis always provide the most up to date and cost-efficient Miele industrial washing machines to give you peace of mind. The option to upgrade or change your machine is always available.

Choosing the right Miele machine

Our extensive range of Miele industrial washing machines means that we have a suitable machine for a range of commercial sectors. Whether its cost, hygiene, speed or capacity, we can meet your requirements.

German built, Miele machines are highly regarded, robust and durable so that they last as long as possible under the strain and pressure of a commercial environment.

We are proud to have been Miele’s Number 1 Professional Partner for 10 consecutive years, and as a leading UK dealer we provide additional information and advice on the best machine for all our customers.

If you have any questions about our rental service or any of the Miele industrial washing machines we have to offer then please contact Allsop & Francis on 01243 555525.